Community resilience

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Encouraging children and young people to think about how to prepare, plan for and respond to emergencies can help build more resilient communities.


By educating and training children about emergency preparedness, they can pass on the knowledge to family and friends, and use the skills they learn to help support their communities during a crisis.

Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Award

The Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Award scheme helps young people learn what to do in a range of emergency situations, such as severe weather, flooding, a pandemic or a long term power cut, and broadens their knowledge and awareness of emergency response and community resilience.

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What are the benefits?

As well as educating themselves, young people must actively involve their parents at each level to achieve the awards. For example:

  • Children work with their parents to prepare a household grab bag for the Community Safety Home Award

  • Older children write a home emergency plan with the help of their family for the Community Safety Home Award


As a consequence of this engagement and by creating this network of fun and practical learning through young people, the key safety messages hit home with people across the generations.

Youth groups can also equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to support local communities during or after an incident.



The scheme was developed in 2010 by Cornwall Council in response to significant flooding in Cornwall and was ratified and accredited by HRH Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall. It was taken up by many youth organisations in the county and has since been adopted in other areas of the UK, including Kent and Medway.


How to take part

The award scheme is free to access and is open to young people in the UK between the ages of 5 and 18.

All the information you need to complete the required tasks can be found on the pages of this website - Kent Prepared.

The scheme can be adopted by:

  • youth organisations

  • schools

  • college

  • or as an individuals

  • or group


Find out more background information about the award visit Cornwall Council’s web pages by clicking here.

Course materials

There are three types of Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Awards for different age groups which can be downloaded here:

Receive your award certificate (Kent and Medway)

If you live in Kent or Medway please contact the Kent Resilience Forum to let us know when you have completed the award and to receive your award certificate(s). Email us at